Data with Integrity

PowerLab 26 Series

Built for precision, our 26 Series Research PowerLabs are engineered to give you high quality, reproducible data from analog signals while meeting the strictest international safety standards.

Highly functional and adaptable, the 26 Series PowerLab is an economically priced, entry-level alternative to the PowerLab C, fit for your data acquisition requirements.

The PowerLab 26 Series provides 16-bit resolution on all gain ranges for high resolution on even the smallest of signals. Each channel has individual filters and noise reduction circuitry for minimal channel crosstalk and signal noise. All 26 Series PowerLabs have 2 analog outputs, a trigger input, and come with a 5-year product warranty.

26 Series

PowerLab 4/26

PowerLab 4/26


Economically priced 4 channel data acquisition featuring 4 analog inputs.


PowerLab 2/26

PowerLab 2/26


Entry level 2 channel data acquisition featuring 2 analog inputs.

“Other systems do not match PowerLab. It is a great product.”

Dr. Kengatharan  
President & COO, Armetheon, Inc.


Software Connectivity

Enabling Discovery

Designed specifically for life science data, LabChart provides up to 32 channels for data display and analysis options that are powerful and easy to use. Auto-recognition of PowerLabs and other LabChart compatible hardware.

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Data acquisition and     
analysis re-imagined

LabChart Lightning is the latest iteration of our easy to use data acquisition and analysis software. While supporting many similar features to LabChart 8, including auto-recognition of PowerLabs and other compatible hardware, LabChart Lightning has been completely re-imagined to focus on combining power, ease of use and data integrity.

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