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  • PL2604 PowerLab 4/26

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  • PL2602 PowerLab 2/26

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  • PL26T04 PowerLab 26T (LTS)

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    • bftype
  • PL15T02 PowerLab 15T (LTS)

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  • PLC01 PowerLab C

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  • PLCI1 Instrument Interface

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  • PLCF1 Front End Interface

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A PowerLab requires a USB 2 or 3 interface to connect to your computer.

Research PowerLabs (PowerLab C, 35 Series and 26 Series) are designed to function with LabChart 8 or LabChart Lightning software. Education PowerLabs are designed to function with LabStation, Lt or LabChart for Education software. In most circumstances, any PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer with a recent Intel or AMD processor and 2 GB or more of system memory will be sufficient. Please see the system requirements for LabChart for more specific details.

PowerLab C and C Series Devices vs Traditional PowerLab Feature Comparison

PowerLab C + C Series Devices
Traditional PowerLab
Reliable, precise and trusted Life Science Data Acquisitioncheckmarkcheckmark
Support for ADInstruments Branded Front Ends and Instrumentscheckmarkcheckmark
Support for a range of 3rd party analog instrumentscheckmarkcheckmark
Use alongside the full range of LabChart Compatible devicescheckmarkcheckmark
Supports Windows, Mac, LabChart 8 and LabChart Lightningcheckmarkcheckmark
Advanced TechnologyBuilt on the latest technology for now and the futureLegacy technology
Modular SystemOnly purchase what you need. Grow from a simple, single channel system to as complex a system as you can imagine.4, 8 or 16 Channel options
System PowerSupports modern USB-Power Delivery Technology. Power a simple system straight from your laptop, use a power bank, or mains power as your setup grows.Mains Power Only
Real time applicationFeatures ADI Alternate mode for sub-microsecond time syncronization now and more advanced real time features in the futureBasic
Stimulator OutputsSupports isolated current stimulators. Voltage outputs coming in the futureUp to 2 Voltage Outputs and support for isolated curent stimualtors.
Control other devices in the labComing in the future8 Basic TTL Inputs and 8 TTL outputs.

Technical Specifications




 PowerLab C + C Series Devices4/262/2626T15T
Compatible SoftwareLabChart 8 or LabChart LightningLabChart 8 or LabChart LightningLabChart 8 or LabChart LightningLabChart 8, Lt LabStation or LtLabChart 8, Lt LabStation or Lt
Data communicationUSB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0
Mains Powered OptionYesYesYesYesYes
USB-PD Powered OptionYesNoNoNoNo
Power available for External DevicesUp to 320W (Via USB-PD)5W (Via I2C)5W (Via I2C)5W (Via I2C)-
Dedicated Trigger InputNoYesYesYesNo
Analog input channelsUp to 324242
Single ended inputsUp to 164242
Built in Differential inputs04242
Differential Inputs via Front EndsUp to 32Up to 4Up to 2Up to 40
Input voltage range± 20 mV to ± 10 V± 20 mV to ± 10 V± 20 mV to ± 10 V± 20 mV to ± 10 V± 20 mV to ± 10 V
Data Resolution16 bit16 bit16 bit16 bit16 bit
Min sampling rate1 S/10 min1 S/10 min1 S/10 min1 S/10 min1 S/10 min
Max sampling rate per channel100 kS/s100 kS/s100 kS/s100 kS/s100 kS/s
Input crosstalk>90dB> 90 dB> 90 dB> 90 dB> 90 dB
Frequency response- 3 dB (24kHz, all ranges)- 3 dB (37 kHz, 10 V)- 3 dB (37 kHz, 10 V)- 3 dB (37 kHz, 10 V)- 3 dB (37 kHz, 10 V)
CMRR>85dB (110Hz)>95 dB @100 Hz, 20-100 mV>95 dB @100 Hz, 20-100 mV>95 dB @100 Hz, 20-100 mV>95 dB @100 Hz, 20-100 mV
Input impedance1 MΩ1 MΩ1 MΩ1 MΩ1 MΩ
Output amplifierNoYesYesYesYes
Output channels01111
Output resolution-16 bit16 bit16 bit16 bit
Output voltage ranges-± 200 mV to ± 10 V± 200 mV to ± 10 V± 200 mV to ± 10 V± 200 mV to ± 10 V
Digital output channels-0080
Digital input channels-0080
Supports External Research Grade Bio-AmpsUp to 32 ChannelsUp to 4 ChannelsUp to 2 ChannelsUp to 4 ChannelsNo
Built-in bio-amplifierNoNoNoYesYes
Safety ratingIEC60601-1IEC60601-1IEC60601-1IEC60601-1IEC60601-1
Built in Bio-amplifier channels---22
Amplification range---± 200 µV to ± 20 mV± 200 µV to ± 20 mV
Bio-amplifier CMRR---110 dB110 dB
Supports External Isolated StimulatorYesYesYesNoNo
Isolated stimulator current range---0-20mA0-20mA
Pulse duration---50 – 200 μs50 – 200 μs
Pulse rate---Software selectableSoftware selectable
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