Thermistor Temperature Sensor

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The Thermistor Temperature Sensor is ideal for measuring air temperature from a gas mixing chamber. The thermistor is secured in a T-connector using a Tuohy Borst adapter and can be attached to a luer port. The can be attached to the the Gas Mixing Chamber and Gas Analyzer for CO2 and O2 analysis in metabolic studies. The thermistor has a lead length of 0.9 meter and is designed to operate over the range 0 - 50°C with a high sensitivity and rapid response.

The Thermistor Temperature Sensor is included as part of the Exercise Physiology Accessory Kit and connects to the Thermistor Pod.


Research Applications

Human Exercise Physiology
Respiratory Gas Analysis
Human Respiratory
Human Sleep Studies


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Product Code

Thermistor Temperature Sensor (Metabolic Kit)
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