How do I link directly to an Lt lesson?

To link students directly to an Lt lesson: 

1. Publish the Lt lesson(s) either within a module or individually

2. Navigate to the “Schedule” card

3. Find the lesson of interest

4. Select the three vertical dots to the right of the Lesson card

5. Select “Get Link”

6. Copy the link

7. Send students the link

As Lt is a stand-alone website, you can directly link students to Lt by inserting a link to Lt Sign in. This allows students to see all courses and content available within the courses they are enrolled in.  The advantage of linking to Lt Sign in is that it is simple and doesn’t require generating unique URLs and maintaining these for each lesson.

Note Students must already have Lt  sign in credentials and be a student in the course of the link being shared. The Get Link URL will only display an Lt lesson for Lt users with student accounts. If an educator with only a staff account tries to access Lt via this link, an "access denied" dialog will appear.

The Get Link URL can be modified to go to a specific page. To do this, change the number at the end of the URL. For example, the following would direct students to page 1 of a lesson.

To direct students straight away to page 7, you'd change the URL to the following:

If you want to link to a module rather than a lesson, the Get Link URL would change from, for example:


Note that you must make sure the URL is exactly correct in your links, noting the module number, 216 in the example, come after /module/