Lt Instances

An Lt Instance is a virtual installation of Lt. It consists of a group of accounts, settings, and courses. Courses contain lessons and student data. Each Instance is securely separated from all other Instances. Typically, there is only one Instance per institution or department.

When your institution signs up to use Lt, a dedicated Instance is created for you. Initially, one person from your institution is designated as the Instance Administrator, who receives an invitation e-mail.

The Instance Administrator has complete control over all aspects of an Instance. They can:

  • Control all Instance settings
  • Assign other staff as administrators or authors
  • Import students
  • Create and modify Courses

An Instance can have more than one Instance Administrator, and an Instance Administrator can convene over more than one Instance. 

Lt also has a role called Course Administrator. The table below shows what the each type of Administrator role can do in an instance. Understanding these permissions makes it easier to choose the correct account type for those involved with your Instance.

*For a list of permissions within a course see Managing Administrator Roles in Lt