Can the ADInstruments PV-Loop Module be used with an admittance catheter system?

Although the PV Loop Module is intended for use with a Millar Pressure-Volume System (MPVS) based on conductance catheter technology, it can be used with other pressure-volume systems by selectively using the calibration steps in the workflow.

The first step of the workflow will establish what kind of analysis is performed (small vs. large animal), and which channels will be assigned for Pressure and Volume measurements. The second step in the workflow is used for two-point calibration of the pressure transducer. Step Three is used to perform a two-point volume calibration in accordance with the admittance catheter control system's recommended protocol.  Now that the outputs from the admittance system are properly calibrated, data can be acquired in Step Four of the PV-Loop workflow.
Steps Five through Seven are exclusive to conductance catheter calibration and are not required. When using an admittance based system, these steps will be replaced with the proper calibration method for the volume component accomplished in Step Three. 
Once the experiment is finished, the user can conduct analysis on the acquired PV Loop data using the Analysis step in the workflow, the Eighth and final step

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