How can I get better dynamic range from my PowerLab 26T Bio Amp's analog audio output?

On the PowerLab 26T, an analog audio amplifier is connected to the output of the built-in Bio Amplifier, which is used to provide an audio output of the data signal for use with headphones or powered speakers.  The connection for this audio output is located on the unit's back panel (see Page 17 of the PowerLab Teaching Series Owner's Guide).


The gain to this output is controlled by the Bio Amplifier range control in the LabChart software.  The gain on this output can not be adjusted independently from the Bio Amplifier.  We suggest you use powered speakers to add additional gain to this signal if dropping the range causes the recorded signal to become clipped.


Additionally, if you are using LabChart for Windows, you can use the Feature Manager to download and install the Audio Output Extension.  This will allow you to play the signal from any channel in LabChart through the sound card in the computer, and will have additional options for adjusting the output to the speakers.  


Note: this software Extension is currently unavailable for LabChart for Mac.


For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.