How do I add a Student to an existing Group that has already started a Lesson within Lt?

A Student(s) who did not originally Start the Lesson with a Group can be added to that Group (and be able to see all of the work that Group has done so far) by following these steps:



Student A and Student B have started a Lesson together as a Group. Student C arrives late, and needs to join Student A and B's Group

1. Have the entire existing Group log out of the current Lt Session.

2. Have one of the original Group members (Student A or Student B) add themselves via the Group Login as normal, to make them the Group Leader. Have all other members of the Group, including Student C, add themselves to the Group.

3. Student C will now be able to see all the work carried out by Student A and Student B so far.

Note on the Group Leader: The first Student to 'Add' themselves via the Group Login becomes the Group Leader. In the above Scenario, if Student C had started the Lesson on their own and steps 1-3 are carried out, Student C's work would be deleted for the Lesson, and they would join the Lesson of Student A and Student B.