Webinar: Advanced Authoring in Lt

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Customer Success Manager, Tom Broughton provides a comprehensive overview of Lt's advanced authoring features, plus tips and tricks on how to enhance your Lt content.

Learn about:

  • Lt’s hotspot panel
  • Linking graphs and tables
  • Panel Aliasing
  • Notebook use

Workshop Overview

Where to go for help with Lt

Hotspot Panels

Linking Graphs and Tables

  • Why link?
    • How to plot non-adjacent columns
    • How to create a Table that fills in over several pages
  • Linking requirements
  • Demo

Panel Aliasing

  • What is an aliased panel and when to use one
  • Creating an Alias
    • Paste vs Paste Alias
    • Breaking an alias link

Notebook use

  • Creating the notebook using a button as a pop-up