Webinar: Assessments and Grading in Lt

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Customer Success Manager, Liam Farley provides a comprehensive overview as to how to create, run, and grade assessments in Lt.

Learn about:

  • Creating questions for assessments
  • Tips on setting up your lesson and course for assessments
  • Grading in Lt

Workshop Overview

Where to go for help with Lt

Creating assessed questions

Lesson and Course setup

Exam Conditions


  • Student progress
  • Autograding
  • Non-assessed questions
  • Manual grading
  • Improvements to grading interface
  • Exporting grades

Q & A Session

comment When you drag [content] across from excel, does it copy over the formulas?

Live Answered. Yes, you need to make formulas visible in Excel first though. See here for more details.

comment In Canvas, you can set the exam to be a fixed length, e.g. 1 hour. Can you do this in Lt?

Live Answered. Yes, using the availability function in Lt, you can set an Lt lesson to be open between specific times. See here for more details.

comment Is there any way to include model answers in the report?

Live Answered. At the moment, no. One reason we don't permit model answers in the student report is to avoid those answers appearing on online answer databanks.

comment If students notice they have missed a question and type the answer on the report page, will this save, or do they need to go back to the specific question page in the lesson to answer?

Yes, students can type the answer on the report page.

comment Can the report pdf be sent to a URL?

Live Answered. Not currently.

comment Can you uncommit an assessment for a section all at once, the same way that you can commit a section all at once?

Live Answered. The equivalent of this is to make the lesson available again. Note that this will clear all current grading and feedback for that lesson. See here for more details.

comment If you update [a lesson], don’t you have to reset student progress, which deletes their answers?

Live Answered. If you wish those students who have started a lesson to see the updates, yes, you will have to reset student progress which deletes their answers.

comment By using the sections feature, can you split students into different sections? - i.e. those who require more time for the test in one section, and those who will complete it in the usual time in another

Yes, you can make the availability times for lessons different for each section.

comment Can you still grade after you have unpublished the lesson?

No, not currently. But you can grade after the lesson availability has ended.

comment Would you be able to see the student feedback you wrote for an instant feedback question in the grading section for ungraded questions?

Yes, the model answer for a question set to ‘Instant Feedback’ will be visible in the grading interface when non-assessable questions are toggled on.

comment How many words can fit into a text panel question?

We asked a developer to type into a text panel question until it allowed no more words...it’s been years and they’re still going.