How do I export a RR tachogram from an ECG recording so it can be imported into Kubios HRV software?

In order to export a tachogram from LabChart you will have to have the HRV Analysis Module installed. If you are using HRV 2.0 or later for LabChart 8, you can create a tachogram from an ECG, edit it to ensure that the ectopic beats are properly handled, and export the tachogram as text that Kubios can read directly. To do this, simply create a HRV analysis within the module and go to the LabChart File menu, select "Export...", and select the following file type: HRV RR Interval Text File


If you are using HRV 1.4.2 or earlier in LabChart 7, you will have to do some manual editing to get the exported text in a format that Kubios can read directly. To do this, please create a HRV analysis using the module and select “Export RR Intervals” from the LabChart HRV menu. Once the file is exported, you will need to open it with a text editor or spreadsheet and extract the “Interval” column into a separate file.


If you have further questions or concerns about this, please contact your local Technical Support Representative by completing the online form located HERE.