How do I set up my lesson for grading in Lt?

In order for your students to start a lesson that you can grade in Lt:


  1. Author the lesson – add question panels and ascribe points and/or feedback to each question. More information about authoring graded questions can be found in the Authoring section of the help.
  2. Add a Completion Page to your lesson (this is also optional, but required if you would like to begin grading as soon as each student finishes their work – please refer to the explanation below).
  3. Publish the lesson so that students can begin.

Troubleshooting steps for common Lt Grading issues:

  • Did you use Graded or Graded/Instant Feedback options on your questions? If you forgot to do this you will need to enable "Show non-assessed questions" in the grading interface.

  • Did the lesson contain a Completion Page or Report Page (it is always the final page of the lesson)? Otherwise you will need to commit the lesson for them, either by setting a commit time for the lesson or forcibly committing the lesson.

    • Check if students have Committed their lessons. Course > Student Work > Lesson Name > Grading