If I manually close the kuraCloud Desktop App in my system tray, does this affect my ability to sample into Lt?

Closing (quitting) the kuraCloud Desktop App in your System Tray will automatically turn off the kuraCloud Data Service, preventing sampling from working in Lt:

This will prevent sampling in Lt unless the Data Service is Restarted.

To Restart the kuraCloud Data Service:

  • Open Windows Services (on Windows 7, go to Start > Search for Services in the search bar, on Windows 8 / 10 press the Windows Key + R > type Services.msc > hit return).
  • Scroll and locate the kuraCloud Data Service
  • Right-click the kuraCloud Data Service, and click Start to resume the service


  • Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\kuraCloud\kuraCloud Desktop\kuraCloudTrayApp.exe"


Note: You will need to refresh the page within Lt to be able to resume sampling.

To have the app re-appear in your system tray, re-install the kuraCloud Desktop App using this link.