What are the approved animal models for use with the ML206 Gas Analyzer?

The ML206 Gas Analyzer can be used for the continuous measurement of respiratory gas concentrations with rats up to humans.  There are several factors that prevent the ML206  from being suitable for use with animals smaller than a rat, the primary of which are the unit's sampling flow range and the gas sampling rate of its sensors:
  • The ML206 Gas Analyzer has a sampling pump flow rate range of 35-200 ml/min. This range is much too high for animals smaller than a rat, and will create a vacuum in the animal's respiratory tract, even at the lowest flow rate.
  • The response times of the Oxygen sensor (which is the slowest of the unit's gas sensors) are between 100-300 ms depending on the chosen sampling pump flow rate, and the addition of the required drying tubing and desiccant cartridge for moisture removal further increases the response time. This resulting measurement delay is much too high for animals with a very high respiration rate, such as a mouse 

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