What are the limitations of Smart Pad placement if using multiple telemetry set-ups in the same lab?

To avoid any cross-talk when using multiple Telemetry Research telemeters in the same laboratory, the smart pads should be placed as far apart as possible.

The SmartPad charges the Telemeter using an electromagnetic field generated above and below the SmartPad. For this reason, a SmartPad must be placed on a metal surface or above or below other SmartPads only if 40 cm apart. If the SmartPad is used on metal shelving for data collection and output, only the charging field can be disabled using the Configurator System.
In summary:
  • If metal shelves are used while the charging field is enabled, the SmartPad must be at least 10 cm from the shelf surface. 
  • SmartPads should be on shelving so that there is a vertical separation of at least 40 cm between SmartPads. 
  • There should also be at least a 10 cm separation between the top of a metal cage lid and the SmartPad on the shelf above.
The attached document shows an ideal arrangement of multiple Smart pads.

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