What are the proper ways to handle, clean, and store a Micro Oxygen Electrode?


When removing and replacing a membrane as well as when calibrating or making measurements, be careful not to apply pressure against the internal electrode. Any excessive pressure against the internal electrode can cause the electrode to crack rendering it useless and unrepeatable.



When using the electrode in solutions containing protein, the electrode should be soaked in an enzyme cleaning solution such as Terg-a-zyme (Alconox, Inc.) after each use for a couple of minutes to remove the protein from the membrane surface. This will prolong the useful life of the membrane.



Always clean the microelectrode before storing:


Long-term (over 1 month): Remove the membrane housing from the electrode. Rinse the internal electrode with distilled water and pat dry. Place a new, unfilled membrane housing over the internal electrode and attach loosely (Do not seat completely). This membrane will serve to keep the dust off of the electrode tip.


Short-term: The electrode can be left in room air with membrane housing still attached.


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