Why is LabChart not recognizing the Delsys Trigno wireless EMG system?

For the Delsys Trigno System to connect to LabChart via a USB connection the following must be true:

  • The system's base station is connected the computer via USB. 
  • The power supply is plugged into a wall outlet and connected to the system's base station.
  • The Trigno SDK Server Control Utility is installed, running, and connected to the base station.
  • Transmitters are charged and synced to the base station with the Control Utility.
  • The LabChart Trigno Wireless Device Enabler is installed and turned on in LabChart.
If all of this has been accomplished and the Trigno System is still not identified during LabChart start-up (See Image Below),
Ensure that the desired number of transmitters are removed from the charging cradles in the base station and turned on before starting LabChart.  In order for LabChart to configure the data connection with the Trigno System, the specific transmitters to be used must be identified by LabChart during its start-up process.  
If you have further questions or concerns about this, please contact your local Technical Support Representative by completing the online form located HERE.