What is the pin assignment for the IR Plethysmograph?

The IR Plethysmographs use an infrared photoelectric sensor to detect changes in tissue blood volume and can be connected to an ADInstruments Bridge Amp or directly to a Pod port of a PowerLab.

Note: the IR Plethysmographs are normally used with AC coupling in the Input Amplifier dialog box (in LabChart software) turned on.

The connector has three wires, white (1), blue (3) and ground (4):

Pin 1 (white) receives the (+) excitation voltage (5V) and pin 3 (blue) delivers the (+) signal. The resistor between pin 5 and 8 is an excitation programming resistor.


Further specifications can be found in the attached data card.

Please note these sensors are not certified for use in the UK/EU.

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