What is the response time of a thermocouple in combination with a temperature Pod?

Each thermocouple and each ADInstruments T-type Pod has a specific response time.

However, it is not as simple as adding the two values?. The response time of a pod will always vary depending on the actual temperate change that is occurring, due to a Low Pass filter (2 pole 10Hz Butterworth filter), so it could be read as 'up to' x ms for the pod. As a rule of thumb you could say the response time will be the larger of either the Pod response time or the thermocouple response time.
These are the Pod's specifications regarding response times:
ML312 T-type Pod: ca. 40 ms (10%-90% of range)
ML309 Thermistor Pod: ca. 200 ms (full scale change in temperature)
ML313 Cardiac Output Pod: ca. 13 ms (10%-90% rise time on square wave input)
Typical values for the thermocouples are:
MLT1401 T-type Implantable Thermocouple Probe (IT-18): 100 ms
MLT1405 T-type Implantable Thermocouple Probe (IT-21): 80 ms
MLT1402 T-type Implantable Thermocouple Probe (IT-23): 5 ms

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