Why isn't a student receiving Lt course email invitations?

Sometimes student invites to Lt courses don't reach their recipient, this could be due to a number of reasons. First, try re-sending the email by selecting Re-invite from the cog menu on the Student Accounts card.  If that doesn't work, step through the following list to determine why the email isn't arriving:

  1. The wrong email address has been used, confirm with the student that the email address you have entered is correct then re-invite them with the correct email address.
  2. The email invite may have been moved into the spam folder of the student's email client/service, have them ensure this isn't the case.  Depending on the email provider's filtering rules you may recognize a pattern with missing invites, so the number of students facing this problem can vary. 
  3. The email address may have been blacklisted by kuraCloud.  This situation can occur when an invite is sent prior to the email address existing.  This could affect many students, especially if Lt invites are sent before the customer's IT department has created student email accounts.  In this case please contact ADInstruments Technical Support and provide a list of invite emails so the Lt management team can remove these accounts from the blacklist.  Re-sending the invite should then work.