Why won't the kuraCloud desktop application install correctly?

If you are have difficulty installing the kuraCloud desktop application on your computer, please check the following:
  • Does the computer have antivirus software actively running?
  • Does the computer user account being used have permission to install software?
If antivirus software is active, try turing off or disabling it until the kuraCloud desktop installation is complete.  If the option to turn off antivirus is grayed out; this means the computer user account being used does not have permission to turn off or disable antivirus software.

If you have access to an administrator user account for the computer, try logging in on that account and attempt to install kuraCloud desktop again.  If successful, log out of that account and back into the original (student)account, and look for the kuraCloud desktop application.  You may be required to log out and back into the kuraCloud website when logged in under the student account to activate kuraCloud desktop.

If you need further assistance, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support.