The LabChart Lightning Stimulator: How to set up a new stimulator protocol

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Optimize and synchronize stimulation with the LabChart Lightning Stimulator

The LabChart Lightning stimulator feature can be used to deliver electrical stimulation from a PowerLab to a variety of samples and subjects, or to trigger external devices.

Create new stimulus protocols from scratch or duplicate an existing protocol and build up a new configuration. Control how you want it to start, and how you want it to transition from one stage to the next. Define the shape of the waveform with increased flexibility;  with the LabChart Lightning Stimulator supporting the standard Pulse, Sinewave, and Triangle waveforms as well as pulse burst applications including Height Delta, Width Delta, Frequency Delta, and S1-S2 Delta. 

And to top it all off: you can build and preview it all from the comfort of your office.

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Setting up a new stimulator protocol is easy

Start by selecting the stimulator from the setup menu or toolbar. When opening the stimulator in a new project, you’ll see a default ‘protocol’ with a hardware output already assigned if a PowerLab is connected. A 'protocol' contains all the settings for the different stimulus waveforms.

To see what the stimulus output would look like from this protocol, expand the waveform preview.

To adjust the stimulus protocol click the ‘edit’ button.

Click the ‘set outputs’ button to see the connected hardware and choose your desired outputs. You can stimulate from one or more outputs on the same PowerLab, or from multiple C-Series devices at once.

Set the stimulus waveform that suits your experimental protocols.

Once selected, each waveform has a set of parameters you can use to configure the stimulus output, including start delay and the number of stimulation repetitions.

See what output the stimulator protocol will deliver by previewing the waveform.

Once you’ve configured the stimulus waveform, simply enable the protocol and start sampling in Chart View to start stimulating.

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Using the stimulator

Choose to start stimulating automatically when the sampling starts, or control the stimulation manually.

Create as many stimulator protocols as you need for the phases of your experiment.

Lightning lets you use multiple stimulator devices simultaneously if these are connected to PowerLab C hardware. Simply select the Stimulus Isolator outputs to use with a protocol in the same way as for a single PowerLab. Then, when you start the stimulation, you will see that all outputs connected through the PowerLab C are stimulating together.

Controlling stimulation is easy. You can control each protocol independently using their local buttons or control all protocols simultaneously.



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