Favorite Features: History and Autosave

Favorite Features: History and Autosave

  • 17 Dec 20

In LabChart Lightning, every change made to a project is automatically saved and logged, adding a reassuring touch and foolproofing your analysis efforts.


Not only does the history list all actions, but you can easily see these and revert back to an earlier stage in your work.

This is helpful if working in a group with multiple members recording and analyzing data, as you can see all the work being done on the lab computer. Kind of like an audit trail!

If you forget to save your work when you walk away from the computer, you know it’s all nicely saved, no matter what happens.

If you have any questions not covered in this video or our other support material, please feel free to contact your nearest support representative - we’d be happy to help!

The LabChart Team

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