Favorite Features: Unlimited Channels

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In LabChart Lightning, you have the ability to display unlimited channels.

Channels are the rectangular areas in LabChart Lightning where you can display recorded or calculated signals. You can also have multiple signals in one channel to help to help visual comparison.

We developed this new feature as some researchers need to record and display signals using more than the 32 channels that LabChart 8 traditionally provided. Examples of this are multi-electrode arrays, EEG or exercise physiology studies with EMG.

Example of 100 channels being recorded from 8 PowerLabs overnight with consistent performance

This means that if you are needing to record from a wide range of inputs for your research, you can. Or if you would like to add as many calculated signals you can think of, you can.

We have also added in a handy scroll bar that pops up to help guide you when you have a certain number of channels added.

If you have any questions not covered in this video or our other support material, please feel free to contact your nearest support representative - we’d be happy to help!

The LabChart Team

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