Favourite Features: Cross-Recording Analysis

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The table feature in LabChart Lightning lets you analyze all of your data from different recordings in one place. This means that you can analyze data across multiple recordings within a project without having to export!


Not only does this save you time in new projects, particularly studies with many subjects and groups, but it opens up a whole new way to use existing data.

With LabChart Lightning you can import any LabChart file, no matter what software version it was recorded in, or if it was Windows or Mac - and analyze that data against any other LabChart file.

This means that whether you are wanting to record new data, are currently analyzing data, or want to explore something new with old data - you can analyze it all in LabChart Lightning!

If you have any questions not covered in this video or our other support material, please feel free to contact your nearest support representative - we’d be happy to help!

The LabChart Team

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