Cardiac PV Loop Data Analysis: Tips & Tricks (Webinar)

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This is a useful webinar for cardiovascular researchers who currently use PV Loops and would like to improve, or those who are interested in exploring PV loops for future cardiovascular research.

During this session, PV loop experts DeWayne Townsend, DVM, PhD and Adam Goodwill, PhD discuss how to collect and analyze high-quality pressure-volume loop data. They discuss why PV loops are considered the gold standard for measuring cardiac function in vivo, what equipment is required to collect PV loop data, and how to minimize variability in your data. The focus of the webinar will be on PV Loop data analysis– Adam and DeWayne will demonstrate how to analyze load-independent measures of function and discuss what the data mean.

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Key learning objectives:

  • Why PV loops? What are the alternatives (e.g. echo, MRI, etc.) and how do PV loops compare?
  • What are load-independent measures and how are they measured?
  • How are PV loop data analyzed and what do they mean?
  • What equipment do you need to record PV loop data?
  • What causes variability and how do you mitigate it?

About the speakers:

DeWayne Townsend PV loop techniques and tips webinar ADI
Adam Goodwill PV loop pressure volume techniques webinar ADI

DeWayne Townsend, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology
University of Minnesota Medical School
My laboratory utilizes an integrative approach to study the pathophysiological mechanisms of heart failure, with a specific focus on dystrophic cardiomyopathies.

Adam G. Goodwill, PhD
Assistant Research Professor, Anatomy Cell Biology & Physiology
Indiana University School of Medicine
The majority of my research career has focused on vasomotor deficits and vascular remodeling in the context of metabolic syndrome.


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