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Tags are a way to label aspects of your work using metadata so that you can easily search through recordings, regions and annotations within a project.


You can use tags all over LabChart Lightning to make it really easy to find aspects of interest when needed..

Sometimes you have to wade through big folders of data, especially if you are working in a project with several subjects and multiple recordings. Tags make it really quick to find what you are looking for. They are helpful when collaborating in a team and sharing lab workload.

You could tag your recording with the type of study it is, what animal model was used, or even the name of the lab tech who recorded the session.

Tags in annotations

Tags are great to use in your annotations to help find areas of interest later on. Here is an annotation with specific information about a dose of drug that was administered. But later you might want to look at all of the drug responses at once. Adding a tag like “drug” allows you to easily filter down the list of all annotations in the project.

Example of tags in annotations

Tags in regions

You can also use tags in regions. For example, if you want to compare between several different types of exercise, you could add “exercise” as a tag for regions that might be named after the specific exercise. Here we have added a tag in a region called “wall sit” and then searched for “exercise” in the Regions View to see each region that contains “exercise” in the metadata.

Example of tags in regions

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