How To Connect the C Series Instrument Interface to Your Lab Instrument and Computer

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Our step by step guide to getting started with the PowerLab C Series Instrument Interface


Research Product Manager, Sebastian White, provides a setup demonstration of the C Series Instrument Interface. This is the simplest way to record data from a wide range of lab instruments into your computer's LabChart software.

Equipment Required:
  1. C-series Instrument Interface.
  2. USB - C cable. Older USB-A ports will work if you have an older PC and a suitable cable.
  3. Computer with LabChart Software installed

How to connect the Instrument Interface to your Lab Instrument and Laptop:
  1. Connect the back-end of the Instrument Interface to your PC using the USB-C cable.
  2. Once the device is powered, the power LED will turn blue.
  3. Connect one end of the BNC cable to the front of the Instrument Interface.
  4. The other end of the BNC cable will connect to your lab instrument.
  5. The hardware set-up is finished.

Connecting LabChart Software to the Instrument Interface:
  1. Launch your LabChart software.
  2. The device will be automatically detected in Windows or Mac.
  3. The Status LED should turn green.
  4. Find the input amplifier dialog in the channel dropdown of your LabChart software.
  5. You can find all the hardware settings available for signals of different sizes, including:
  • different ranges
  • hardware gains
  • filtering options

Your C Series Instrument Interface is now connected to LabChart and lab instrument. You are all set and ready to go forward with recording signals for your research. 

Further Information:

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