How to Connect the Bio Amp to PowerLab and LabChart

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Our step-by-step guide to connecting the Bio Amp with the PowerLab and LabChart set-up.


Our Head of Support, Mark de Reus, demonstrates how to connect the Bio Amp with a PowerLab for the purpose of recording physiological signals such as ECG, EMG or EEG in LabChart software.

Equipment Required:
  • BNC cable.
  • USB cable.
  • I-Squared-C cable.
  • PowerLab.
  • Computer with LabChart Software installed.

Hardware Set-Up:
  1.  Connect the Bio Amp and PowerLab Units using the I-Squared-C input on the BioAmp and the output on the PowerLab.
  2.  Connect the BNC cable to the signal output on the Bio Amp.
  3.  Connect the other end of the BNC cable to one of the channels of the PowerLab.
  4.  Connect one side of the USB cable to the PowerLab and the other into the computer with LabChart.
  5.  Connect the power cable and switch on the PowerLab.
  6.  Plug in the lead wires into the Bio Amp, which will be used to record the biopotential signal from your subject.

Software Set-Up:
  1.  Launch your LabChart software.
  2.  The Bio Amp should be automatically detected by LabChart.
  3.  The Status LED on the PowerLab should turn green.
  4.  With a subject connected to the lead wires, set the number of required channels.
  5.  You can find the Bio Amp settings in the dropdown list of the channel it is connected to.
  6.  In the Bio Amp dialogue box, you can:
    1.  Set up the range of the input signal
    2.  Set up the required low or high pass filters
    3.  Switch on the mains filter if mains noise is present
    4.  Invert the signal if needed.
  7.  Once you have finished your setup in the dialogue box, click on OK.
  8.  Press start to begin recording.

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