Scheduling Data Recording in LabChart Lightning

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Record data anytime in LabChart Lightning, even when you've left the lab.


Save disk space in chronic studies by recording representative snapshots of data. Follow along as Tim Bennett, a Software Engineer with our Research Development Team, demonstrates how to:

  • Schedule data recording in LabChart Lightning v1.10 or later
  • Record overnight with no supervision required
  • Configure LabChart Lightning for single or repeated blocks of recordings
  • Choose whether your data is stored all in one file, a new file for every recording block, or a new file for every 24 hours of recording
  • View when your next scheduled recording block will begin, the progress through the schedule, and how much disk space will be required to complete the schedule
  • Sample data while a schedule is enabled

Find out more about Data Management in LabChart Lightning by contacting your technical support person »