Pharmacology Videos

Pharmacology Videos

DMT Wire Myograph Systems

  • 26 May 14
  • Pharmacology

The combination of DMT wire myographs and PowerLab units provides a complete solution for investigations of drug interactions, as well as smooth muscle react

Calibrating your DMT Myograph

  • 23 May 14
  • Pharmacology

Using the DMT wire myography system for microvessel research is a gold standard, but like any fine research instrument it requires diligent preparation ahead

Quantifying pharmacological effects using the Dose Response Module

  • 22 May 14
  • Pharmacology

Those seeking an easy analysis option for LabChart data collected from dose response experiments involving stimulation by chemical, electrical or physical ag

Macro Library (LabChart feature)

  • 12 Oct 18
  • LabChart, Cardiovascular, Exercise and Sports Science, Pharmacology, Nervous and Sensory, Respiratory

Watch a demonstration of our handy new Macro Library with Senior Training and Technical Support Engineer, Emily Pease.