Webinar: Expert Perspectives on Technology-enhanced Learning

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Join Jana Kusch, PhD and Marc Demolder, MSc as they discuss their experience with technology-enhanced education.

Key learning objectives:   

  • Why invest in technology to deliver education?
  • What are the positive impacts of technology on student learning?
  • What to watch out for when choosing and implementing technology for education.


This webinar is led by two experts who have vast experience in using technology to deliver education in several European countries. They discuss what technology they have tried and tested and what they have learned along the way. They also explore how their students have responded to technology in their teaching. The webinar concludes with a Q&A Session to address questions from the audience.

Key takeaways:

  • 59% of attendees are confident with introducing new technology into their classroom, but still find it challenging.
  • Common challenges with introducing new technology in the classroom inlcude:
    • Learning curve for educators with new tools
    • Persuading colleagues to adopt new technology
    • Supporting students to use new tools
  • University Hospital Jena surveyed students about digital teaching from 2020-2022, and key findings were:
    • Pros of digital teaching
      • High flexibility in choosing time and place to learn
      • Students could test their own understanding with self-tests
    • Cons of digital teaching
      • The ability to interact with faculty and peers was less than that provided by an in-person context
      • Students' ability to use digital tools was not sufficient and they needed support for continued digital teaching
  • Students are excited by active learning and the ability to record data from their own bodies. Use computers and software to enable students to do this, and provide quality feedback. This will result in students feeling a sense of ownership over their own learning.
    • Marc Demolder: "Nowadays, if [students] can do it on their own body, I think they will be more interested than using an earthworm to perform that type of experiment.”
  • A high-performance, adaptable software environment like Lt is essential to a successful online lab.
  • Example data allow students to work from home or help them in the physical, face-to-face lab environment if their own experiment went wrong.
  • Make sure you have someone in the faculty who can support you to upskill in new software/hardware. ADInstruments Customer Success Managers are onhand to fulfil this role.

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This event was sponsored by ADInstruments, and is the first in a 4-part webinar series, 2023 New Ways to Learn: Harnessing the Power of Technology. The other webinars in this series are:

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About the speakers:

Dr. Jana Kusch

Jana Kusch, PhD 
Senior Scientist, Institute of Physiology II 
University Hospital Jena

Dr. Jana Kusch holds a PhD in biology and works at the University Hospital Jena, Germany, as a senior scientist and lecturer. She conducts membrane protein research in the field of biophysics and teaches physiology for students of different disciplines.


Marc Demolder

Marc Demolder, MSc EE Biom Engineering 
Engineer, Pharmacology 
University of Antwerp

Marc works within the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, where he runs an imaging core facility and manages the practical laboratories and exercises for the University's biological science classes.

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