Webinar: Engaging students online using Lt at Sydney University Medical School

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In this webinar, Dr Rosa Howard and Dr Saeed Shokri delve into the world of online education, sharing their insights and experience in leveraging Lt to empower students and maximize their learning outcomes.

Key Learning Objectives:   

  • Effective strategies for enhancing student engagement in the online learning environment
  • Insights into the remarkable impact Lt has had on the teaching methods at the Sydney Medical School
  • Innovative approaches that have made learning human anatomy more dynamic, interactive and engaging for students
  • Feedback from students on the platform's effectiveness in enhancing their learning experience, and equipping them for successful careers in the medical field


During this webinar, Dr Rosa Howard and Dr Saeed Shokri will share valuable insights, strategies and techniques for effectively engaging students online. You will gain practical tips to foster a collaborative and interactive virtual learning environment.  

About the speakers:


Dr Rosa Howard       
Sydney Medical School, Sydney University    
Dr. Rosa Howard is a Senior Lecturer and Year 1 Coordinator at the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. With a background in medical sciences and a PhD in cancer research, she has 12 years of teaching experience in Pharmacology. Dr. Howard played a key role in the curriculum development of the new MD program, which was launched in 2020. She serves as the Basic and Clinical Sciences theme lead, Team Based Learning Coordinator, and is actively involved in creating learning material and shaping the curriculum for Year 1 students. Dr. Howard holds a Higher Education Graduate certificate and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her dedication lies in fostering student learning, well-being, and supporting them in reaching their goals.


Dr Saeed Shokri       
Sydney Medical School, Sydney University      
Dr. Shokri is an accomplished education professional who holds a Ph.D. in Anatomical Sciences from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He began his academic journey by completing an internship at the University of Newcastle, Australia, under the guidance of Prof. Robert John Aitken in 2009. During his time there, he conducted research on the signal transduction cascades triggered by insulin in the male germline, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of Human Sperm Biology. In 2015, Dr. Shokri joined Lund University in Sweden as a post-doctoral researcher, dedicating himself to the study of male infertility. His work involved a deep exploration of this field, focusing on understanding the underlying causes and potential treatments for male reproductive challenges. Recognising the vital role of medical education, Dr. Shokri has been an experienced and dedicated lecturer in Anatomical Sciences since 2003. His areas of expertise include human anatomy, histology, embryology, and cell biology. He has actively contributed as a lecturer at the School of Rural Health (Dubbo/Orange) within the University of Sydney since 2021. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was promoted to the position of senior lecturer with a focus on education in January 2023. 

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