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  • Not every hero wears a cape ...

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    Not every hero wears a cape ...

    Introducing our Science Heroes eBook

    Seven inspiring stories of researchers making a difference

    Share your favorite science hero and download now

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    PowerLab C


    Re-engineered for unparalleled flexibility 

    A modular data acquisition foundation system that provides unparalleled flexibility for researchers looking to invest in customizable, reliable solutions for both now, and in the future.

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    Understand Your Physiology

    The perfect learning supplement for every physiology student

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  • ECG data acquisition software

    Data acquisition and analysis re-imagined.

    Make unique discoveries with unlimited freedom and flexibility.

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    Bio-potential amplifiers

    Introducing our new Bio Amps

    Our bio-potential amplifiers have a range of new filter settings and reduced noise, ideal for recording a wide variety of signals including ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG.

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We believe in making the best data acquisition and analysis software and hardware to advance scientific research and education.

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DAQ SoftwareSolutions for Research 


Record and analyze scientific signals from human and animal subjects with our range of data acquisition and analysis software and hardware , or complete DAQ systems for specific applications.

Complete Systems and Kits


LabChart 8 and LabChart Lightning are our industry-leading DAQ software for physiological, biological and biomedical research.


PowerLab is our high-performance data acquisition hardware.

EducationSolutions for Education 


Engage students with our dynamic, hands-on life science software and hardware. Deliver cutting-edge educational content and data analysis software to your learners - whether in class or online.

Education Hardware Kits


Cloud-based learning platform that brings interactive life science content, real-time data recording, and analysis together. Try Lt » 

Lab-based learning platform that brings interactive life science content, real-time data recording, and analysis together in an offline lab environment. Try Lt LabStation » 

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Engage your undergraduate physiology students with this hands-on digestive system lab practical investigating the impacts of simulated mechanical and chemical digestion on a selection of real foods.

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Physical exercise has been shown to lower the risk of Alzheimer's and vascular dementia by increasing blood and oxygen flow in the brain. But which exercises work best?

Building the PowerLab C

When it came time to re-engineer the PowerLab, maintaining our already high level of quality and reliability was key.

Free Download: A Guide to Transforming Traditional Undergraduate Science Education

Teaching science? Download this free eBook on Education 4.0 and learn how you can transform your traditional science labs and lessons with active learning.

Highlight of the semester - why CrawFly is the perfect training opportunity for those teaching neuroscience

“If you’re trying to implement invertebrates into your lab work or into the classroom but you don't necessarily have people around you to help you or guide you...It’s perfect.”

Streamlining Seizure Detection with Kaha Telemetry

Learn how the team at the Anticonvulsant Drug Development Program are using Kaha telemetry to speed up their data analysis.

Collect data from closer to the heart: The Direct Perfusion Core inside our new Rodent Langendorff

How our new compact Langendorff improves data accuracy by allowing measurements to be taken closer to the heart.

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Industry-Leading Data Acquisition Software

Data Acquisition Software - PowerLab C and LabChart Lightning

For 34 years, ADInstruments’ line of DAQ products has provided customers with a fully integrated data acquisition system for real-time, high-speed analysis of both digital and analog data sources. LabChart 8 seamlessly interfaces with PowerLab to provide you with the most advanced data logging and analysis software for physiological, biological, and biomedical research. A suite of modules enables specialized data acquisition and analysis features for a variety of specific applications, providing you with the breadth and depth necessary to power your data analysis.

And now, the all-new LabChart Lightning provides you with ultimate flexibility, automation and customization. With unlimited channels, cross-recording analysis, built-in data management and seamless DAQ hardware integration, LabChart Lightning is a powerful software package for both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.

Traditional DAQ systems have been integrated to deliver a software suite which provides you with seamless transmission of data, reducing the need for hardware-based control systems, data loggers, and analyzers. Our export functions have also been optimized to promote easy integration with both Microsoft Excel and MATLAB. LabChart 8 and LabChart Lightning are available on Macintosh and Windows operating systems.