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  • Optogenetics telemetry

    Wireless optogenetic stimulation and recording without the restriction of battery life

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    Optogenetics Biopotential Telemeter
  • Keeping anesthetized rhinos safe

    Leith MeyerProfessor Leith Meyer

    Developing safer capture and immobilization
    techniques for one of the world's
    most endangered animals

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    Re-engineered for
    unparalleled flexibility

    A modular data acquisition foundation system that provides unparalleled flexibility for researchers looking to invest in customizable, reliable solutions for both now, and in the future.

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    Understand Your Physiology

    The perfect learning supplement for every physiology student

    With 160+ ready-made lessons and 3900+ interactive questions

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  • Data acquisition and
    analysis re-imagined.

    Make unique discoveries with unlimited freedom and flexibility.

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  • Bio-potential amplifiers

    Introducing our new
    Bio Amps

    Our bio-potential amplifiers have a range of new filter settings and reduced noise, ideal for recording a wide variety of signals including ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG.

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We believe in making the best data acquisition and analysis software and hardware to advance scientific research and education.

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DAQ Software Solutions for Research


Record and analyze scientific signals from human and animal subjects with our range of data acquisition and analysis software and hardware , or complete DAQ systems for specific applications.

Complete Systems and Kits for Research


LabChart 8 is our industry-leading DAQ software for physiological, biological and biomedical research.

Data acquisition and analysis re-imagined. Make unique discoveries with unlimited freedom and flexibility. Try LabChart Lightning »


PowerLab is our high-performance data acquisition hardware.

A modular data acquisition foundation system, providing unparalleled flexibility for researchers.

Education Solutions for Education


Engage students with our dynamic, hands-on life science software and hardware. Deliver cutting-edge educational content and data analysis software to your learners - whether in class or online.

Education Hardware Kits


Cloud-based learning platform that brings interactive life science content, real-time data recording, and analysis together. Try Lt »

Lab-based learning platform that brings interactive life science content, real-time data recording, and analysis together in an offline lab environment. Try Lt LabStation »

Industry-Leading Data Acquisition Software

Data Acquisition Software - PowerLab C and LabChart Lightning

For 34 years, ADInstruments’ line of DAQ products has provided customers with a fully integrated data acquisition system for real-time, high-speed analysis of both digital and analog data sources. LabChart 8 seamlessly interfaces with PowerLab to provide you with the most advanced data logging and analysis software for physiological, biological, and biomedical research. A suite of modules enables specialized data acquisition and analysis features for a variety of specific applications, providing you with the breadth and depth necessary to power your data analysis.

And now, the all-new LabChart Lightning provides you with ultimate flexibility, automation and customization. With unlimited channels, cross-recording analysis, built-in data management and seamless DAQ hardware integration, LabChart Lightning is a powerful software package for both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.

Traditional DAQ systems have been integrated to deliver a software suite which provides you with seamless transmission of data, reducing the need for hardware-based control systems, data loggers, and analyzers. Our export functions have also been optimized to promote easy integration with both Microsoft Excel and MATLAB. LabChart 8 and LabChart Lightning are available on Macintosh and Windows operating systems.