The Lt Anatomy Collection is here! Check out some of the top features from our Heart Dissection Lab

Hi! I'm Jacqui - one of the lead instructional designers here at ADInstruments. I create content for educational purposes within our online learning platform Lt.

Over the last year, we have been working in collaboration with ToLTech to complete an amazing suite of anatomy lessons designed to give students an in-depth knowledge of the structure of the human body. 

The Lt Anatomy Collection explores the human anatomy with practical, hands-on labs and lessons featuring cadaveric dissection images, animal organ dissection videos and images, stylized images, and exploration of anatomical models. To see the full list of lessons available - visit the Lt Anatomy Collection page.

To celebrate the release of the Anatomy Collection, I wanted to share with you some of the top features from one of my favorite lessons - The Heart Dissection Lab!

Lt Anatomy Collection

High-quality dissection videos and structure identification images

When it comes to the heart - there's a lot to learn! The complexity of the structure means there's a lot to examine, both internally and externally.

One of the things I like most about this lab is that the dissection is split into small videos (1-2 mins), with clear and simple instructions making it easy for students to follow alongside. 

The lesson begins with looking at the outer layers (pericardium) and external features of the heart (anterior and posterior views) before diving into the internal structures such as the atrial and ventricular chambers, and valves.


All of our dissection labs include cadaveric images and animal organ dissection videos and images to guide students in the dissection and identification process and can be used as a substitute when materials are not available. This removes the hassle of sourcing and storing enough tissue for large class sizes, while still maintaining the real-life experience.

Each 'mini' dissection video is followed by a series of structure identification images related to that stage of the dissection. These images are great for drawing students attention towards important structures that are visible at each step of the dissection. 

  • Anterior heart structure identification
  • Posterior heart structure identification
  • interior heart structure identification

Connect and Reflect

Next up, students are encouraged to test what they have learned and reinforce their structure identification skills. The Anatomy Collection encompasses a range of engaging and interactive question types from multi-choice to drag and drop, as well as discussion questions to nurture their critical thinking skills. 

  • Heart structure questions
  • Heart structure questions
  • Heart structure questions

Clinical Relevance

We understand how important it is for students to have context to their learning.  Each lab includes a ‘Clinical Integration’ section, where students can apply what they have learned to a relevant case study. Relating the anatomical structures they have identified to real-life health conditions, gives students a broader understanding of the content.

  • Human anatomy clinical relevance
  • Angiogram of right coronary artery
  • Coronary artery disease diagnosis

Review content anytime

Another great feature of the online Lt Anatomy Collection is that students can review the lessons at any time - making studying for exams that much easier! Revisit any dissection video, question, or case study without the need for lab equipment.

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Preview the Lt Anatomy Collection for free!

  • Save time: A complete, ready-to-use anatomy lab curriculum aligned with the HAPS learning objectives
  • Modernizes your anatomy lab 
  • Customizable and editable: gives you total freedom to adapt the content to your needs
  • Increase student engagement with rich material and media to supplement time-tested instructional methods for teaching anatomy
  • Save on costs: Reduces the need for expensive lab material by giving your students dissection resources in an inexpensive and freely accessible online environment
  • Review content: Students can review any video, question, or case study without the need for lab equipment.


Learn the Anatomy of the Heart | Lt

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8 Aug 2019

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