Launching our Anatomy Collection: Check out some of the top features from our Bone and Cartilage Histology Lab!

Hello, I’m Tim, one of the lead instructional designers here at ADInstruments’ NZ office. Over the past year, my team and I have been working in collaboration with ToLTech to create the Anatomy Collection within our online learning platform Lt.

The Collection is a complete curriculum of ready-to-use lessons and labs, featuring media-rich dissection and histology images and videos. To check out the full list of lessons available, visit our Anatomy Collection page.

Both gross and microscopic anatomy are extremely important when it comes to understanding the structure of the human body. Our histology labs are a great resource when it comes to teaching microscopic anatomy - the Bone and Cartilage Lab being one of my favorites.

Below, I’ve highlighted some features within the lab that I think are particularly useful for both students and educators.

Access to high-quality histological images

As an anatomy educator, finding good quality histological slides for large class sizes can be difficult and expensive. Even with these resources, students may still have trouble locating and identifying histological structures under the microscope.

Our histology labs remove the stress by providing you with high-quality histological images that can be used as an example for students to look at alongside their own slides, or as a substitute when resources are limited. 

  • hyaline cartilage histological image 160x mag | Lt

    Histology view of hyaline cartilage (160x magnification) 

  • hyaline cartilage histological image 400x mag | Lt

    Histology view of hyaline cartilage (400x magnification)

Having these images as a guide is a great way to increase student autonomy and relieve some of the pressure on educators and lab demonstrators who may not have time to check every students’ microscope. 

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Focus student attention on important structures

Another great feature of this lab is the use of the hotspot panel to show histological images. Take a look below at the cancellous bone page. The hotspot panel allows students to view histological images at different levels of magnification.

This means you can direct students’ attention towards important structures and add labels with information about the anatomy they can see - which is something you can’t do with a microscope.

See here for more information about the hotspot panel and its uses.

Diverse visual references

Our team has also created some fantastic stylized images of anatomical structures. The variation in visual references - from histological images to artistic drawings, is a great way to reinforce the anatomical relationships students are learning about. Below are some examples of the stylized images where students can test what they have learned about bone structure using interactive drag and drop questions.

  • stylized anatomical drawing spongy bone | Anatomy Collection | Lt
  • stylized anatomical drawing bone tissue | Anatomy Collection | Lt
  • bone classification questions | Anatomy Collection | Lt

Review the content anywhere, anytime

All of our Anatomy Lessons are within our online-learning platform Lt, meaning students can easily review the anatomical images and their notes outside of the lab. This is great for when students are revising for exams or needing a bit more time to solidify their anatomy knowledge.

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Preview the Lt Anatomy Collection today!

  • Save time: A complete, ready-to-use anatomy lab curriculum aligned with the HAPS learning objectives
  • Increase student engagement with rich material and media to supplement time-tested instructional methods for teaching anatomy
  • Save on costs: Reduces the need for expensive lab material by giving your students dissection resources in an inexpensive and freely accessible online environment
  • Review content: Students can review any video, question, or case study without the need for lab equipment.
  • Modernizes your anatomy lab 
  • Customizable and editable: gives you total freedom to adapt the content to your needs.

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