The Covid Conundrum – How to maintain hands-on learning in an online environment

COVID-19 has brought around a dramatic change in how science courses are taught. So how can educators adapt their traditional lab set-up to suit both face-to-face and remote learning environments?

Talking Teaching: How Can We Teach Anatomy Remotely?

Join the discussion: Find out how the Anatomy Department at Queen Mary University dealt with holding anatomy practicals online while in lockdown, plus we've included some easy tips for making your online lab sessions successful!

Talking Teaching: How do Handwriting and Typing Influence Learning?

Join the discussion: In this blog, we explore how handwriting and typing compare in terms of memory retrieval and brain engagement in the classroom.

Celebrating Women in Science: Two free Illustrations to Download and Keep!

February 11th marks The International Day of Women and Girls in Science! To celebrate, here are two inspiring illustrations (done by our very own ADI Women in Science) for you to download and keep!

Talking Teaching: Photosensitivity and Visually Accessible Course Design

Join the discussion: Find out why photosensitivity and visual accessibility are important factors to consider when designing digital content - plus we share some helpful resources and practical strategies for designing visually accessible content.

Teaching through COVID19: Dos and Don’ts

Dr James Clark, Reader in Human Physiology at King’s College London and winner of the prestigious Otto Hutter Award 2020, shares his experiences from the first semester of pandemic teaching.

Introducing the New Lt Analytics Dashboard!

Easily monitor student performance and engagement with the course content in real-time, quickly identify students who may be struggling or falling behind - plus a whole lot more!

How Lt's Nursing Collection aligns with the NMC Standards of Proficiency for Registered Nurses.

Produce nursing graduates with advanced clinical skills and professional values. Lt's Nursing Collection aligns with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council's Standards of Proficiency.

Webinar: Educating the Practitioner of the Future - Lt for Nursing. Presented by Alison McLachlan.

Leading nursing educator and academic, Alison McLachlan, outlines a comprehensive nursing curriculum design which is applicable to patient care across the whole spectrum of conditions encountered in today's health and social care.

Lt Sensors for Human Physiology are here! A cost-effective and versatile solution for recording biosignals into Lt

We are extremely excited to announce the release of Lt Sensors - our new, cost-effective, and versatile solution for recording biosignals directly into our online learning platform Lt!

Student Misconceptions in Chemistry - Making Mountains out of Molehills

Happy National Chemistry Week and National Mole Day! What is a mole anyway, and how can you make learning about moles straightforward, as well as interesting?

COVID19: Lab Equipment Sterilization Guide

As COVID-19 restrictions fluctuate, it's more important than ever to ensure that the lab equipment we and our students are using is disinfected and safe to use.

Talking Teaching: Visualizing Chemistry Online

Join the Discussion: How animations of events at the molecular level can improve the representations that students create of these events, as well as student confidence.