Lt Latest January 2022

Make your teaching experience easier with new Lt features and content!

New labs in the Lt Biology Collection: Easily teach about DNA, proteins, pollution, and climate change

Use our new online biology labs to explore key concepts with your students, in-the-lab or remotely.

Talking Teaching: Pedagogy of care and the role of faculty in student mental well-being

Join the discussion: Our Instructional Designer, Ellen, summarizes a podcast that focuses on the role educators play in supporting student mental health.

Talking Teaching: How to improve students’ lab report writing

Boost your students' ability to write effective lab reports by using these tips!

Educator Insights: How Lt facilitated a fast transition to remote learning during COVID-19

Dr Abigail Rickard from the University of Greenwich shares why Lt was a key factor in making the transition to online teaching during the pandemic possible.

Talking Teaching: Can machine learning improve student outcomes?

Learn about machine learning-based instruction and how it has been used to improve students' memory retention!

Flexible physiology labs: How Professor Wendy Riggs uses Lt Sensors to teach human physiology online

Professor Wendy Riggs, Professor at College of the Redwoods, shares her experience using Lt and Lt Sensors to teach human physiology labs online.

Lt’s Chemistry Collection is here: Access new online chemistry labs!

ADInstruments has partnered with Vernier to bring you a complete lab-based solution for your general chemistry course! Whether you plan to meet face-to-face in the classroom this semester or need the flexibility to complete labs remotely, the chemistry lessons in the Lt Chemistry collection have you covered.

Talking Teaching: Engaging remote biology students

Find out how New York University kept their biology students engaged while teaching labs and research skills online.

Increasing Student Engagement for Medical and Health Science Courses with Lt during COVID-19

Dr Dawn Collins is an Associate Professor in Neurobiology at Warwick Medical School. Here she describes how she navigated remote teaching through the pandemic and kept her students happy with Lt.

Educator Insights: Using Lt’s online labs to increase student engagement during the pandemic

Dawn Livingstone, Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh shares her experience of using Lt to deliver online practical classes for their Biomedical Sciences course during COVID.

New for physiology educators: Take a look inside our Endocrine Physiology Lab...

Find out more about this interactive lab covering the basic structure and function of the endocrine system and the importance of feedback loops in regard to endocrine communication.

Talking Teaching: How to format learning objectives to improve student learning

Find out how students are using learning objectives and how to optimize your course LOs to better suit your student's needs!