Lt’s Chemistry Collection is here: Access new online chemistry labs!

ADInstruments has partnered with Vernier to bring you a complete lab-based solution for your general chemistry course! Whether you plan to meet face-to-face in the classroom this semester or need the flexibility to complete labs remotely, the chemistry lessons in the Lt Chemistry collection have you covered.

Understanding the Importance of PV Catheter Calibration in Admittance and Conductance Systems

There are two technologies available for doing Pressure-Volume (PV) loop studies, admittance and conductance. Both systems call for calibration procedures that can be technically challenging or expensive to complete, driving many researchers to avoid these procedures and use estimates instead. For users of admittance technology, avoiding calibration by using estimates has now become the recommended approach by the manufacturer to arriving at volume calibrated data.

Every second counts: Improving stroke patient outcomes through blood pressure modulation

Fiona McBryde is a Cardiovascular Physiologist at the University of Auckland, whose pre-clinical research focuses on understanding blood pressure regulation in the brain in response to ischemic stroke.

Talking Teaching: Engaging remote biology students

Find out how New York University kept their biology students engaged while teaching labs and research skills online.

Modular data acquisition for now and the future: Why we built the PowerLab C and C Series devices...

Here we share the story behind the creation of the PowerLab C and C Series devices, and what researchers can expect from these innovative new devices!

Increasing Student Engagement for Medical and Health Science Courses with Lt during COVID-19

Dr Dawn Collins is an Associate Professor in Neurobiology at Warwick Medical School. Here she describes how she navigated remote teaching through the pandemic and kept her students happy with Lt.

Educator Insights: Using Lt’s online labs to increase student engagement during the pandemic

Dawn Livingstone, Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh shares her experience of using Lt to deliver online practical classes for their Biomedical Sciences course during COVID.

New for physiology educators: Take a look inside our Endocrine Physiology Lab...

Find out more about this interactive lab covering the basic structure and function of the endocrine system and the importance of feedback loops in regard to endocrine communication.

Talking Teaching: How to format learning objectives to improve student learning

Find out how students are using learning objectives and how to optimize your course LOs to better suit your student's needs!

Talking Teaching: How to encourage metacognition

Join the discussion! Here we discuss the concept of metacognition and how to encourage students to use metacognition in the classroom.

Talking Teaching: Is personalized learning the future?

Join the discussion: In this blog, we discuss the concept of personalized learning and how technological advances in AI might influence the future of learning.

Congratulations to Dr. John Durocher - Winner of the Macknight 2021 Innovative Educator Award!

Congratulations to Dr. John Durocher, Associate Professor of Health Studies at Purdue University Northwest (PNW), winner of the 2021 Macknight Innovative Educator Award for excellence in physiology teaching!

Adapting to Changing Teaching Demands - Dr Aavo Lang

Dr Aavo Lang is an Associate Professor of Human Physiology at the University of Tartu, with 30+ years of teaching experience. Aavo explains how Lt has been helping him meet the changing teaching demands throughout the pandemic.