The power of backward design in education

Discover a strategic approach for effective course design. Learn how implementing backward design in education can enhance your science students' learning outcomes.

Using basic science to solve clinical conundrums: How Lt supercharges veterinary education at the University of Melbourne

Professor Elizabeth Tudor and Dr. Christina Marth use technology to teach in the integrated, systems-based Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

ChatGPT for Researchers

ChatGPT is not as helpful as you may have hoped... or feared ChatGPT is an AI language model that gained mass popularity at the end of 2022, when it was made available to the general public as a kind of chatbot. Its capacity to produce fluent and coherent text is far beyond what had been available...

Grants 101 - How to navigate the application process

Grants are a core part of research, funding everything from personnel to travel to the research itself. However, applying for and securing grant funding is not a skill you will necessarily learn until you have to do it for yourself. We have put together a small guide to help you get started with grant writing.

Congratulations to Ranya Taqieddin, winner of the Sam Drogo Award 2023!

The Sam Drogo Technology in the Classroom Award recognizes educators who demonstrate innovation in their teaching of anatomy and physiology. This year, Assistant Professor Ranya Taqieddin, who teaches biology at Saint Charles Community College in Missouri, received the award for her creative course designs, including an online Human Biology lab.

Support for Scisense Customers

Transonic Scisense has made the difficult decision to close their doors. The Scisense product lines have been transferred to Millar, so that researchers worldwide can continue to access optimal solutions for pressure measurements and pressure-volume (PV) loops. Transonic has also entrusted...

New for physiology educators: Take a look inside our Reproductive Physiology Module…

Teach your undergraduate physiology students reproductive physiology with this series of ready-made labs and lessons.

12 lead ECG placement for researchers - a simple guide to ECG positions

How to correctly place ECG leads to perform a 12 lead ECG on a human subject, for cardiovascular, physiological, and pharmacological research.

Variations in Intracranial Pressure, Respiration and the Circadian Clock, and Sympathetically Mediated Hypertension

What do these high-impact publications all have in common? Fully implantable telemetry. Join us as we celebrate the incredible achievements of researchers from around the world who are utilizing fully implantable Kaha telemeters.

New for physiology educators: Take a look inside our Hoffmann’s Reflex Lab…

Teach your advanced undergraduate physiology students about the Hoffmann’s reflex with this ready-made, hands-on lab and pre-lab prep.

Where would you take your research? Tell us and be in to WIN a PowerLab C package worth $10,000!

From Everest to the Amazon, use PowerLab C anywhere around the globe. Where would you go?

Expert Answers Podcast: Jana Kusch and Marc Demolder on Technology-Enhanced Education

In this episode of #ExpertAnswers join Jana Kusch, PhD and Marc Demolder, MSc, as they answer questions from a recent webinar where they discuss their experience with technology-enhanced education.

The importance of student belonging in the sciences

Discover the importance of student belonging for academic success and learn how to foster a culture of belonging in our latest blog. Click here to read now.