Dr Laurencie Brunel: Understanding the impact of mitral valve replacement

Dr Laurencie Brunel, an accomplished veterinary surgeon, is examining the impact of mitral valve replacement on left ventricle function.

How Dr. Lei Fan improved confidence and efficiency in her cardiovascular research lab

Meet Dr. Lei Fan and learn about her experience receiving onsite training for the Working Heart Apparatus We spoke with Dr. Lei Fan , Director of The FAN Lab and Assistant Professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin...

Congratulations to Dr. Bridget Ford - Winner of the 2024 ADInstruments Macknight Innovative Educator Award!

Dr. Bridget Ford has won the 2024 ADInstruments Macknight Innovative Educator Award! Learn more about how she plans to utilize the award to build out an upper-division anatomy and physiology lab at University of the Incarnate Word.

How to use this pediatric asthma clinical case study in your nursing course

Dr. Andrew O’Malley discusses the importance of clinical cases to nursing education and shares how to use our new pediatric asthma case study to teach your nursing students about childhood asthma.

New Kaha 3D Implant Models

We're excited to showcase seven highly informative and interactive 3D implantation models that make it really easy to see where Kaha rat telemeters can be located.

New Video: Discover improved data sampling and analysis in Lt

Watch Tim Wright, Instructional Design Specialist, share how we've improved data collection and analysis in Lt for your students.

How to support nontraditional students in an anatomy or physiology course

We speak with Dr. Silvia Smith and Dr. Crystal Walline of the University of North Carolina - Pembroke about how they teach complex anatomy and physiology to students with busy lives.

New Video: How to easily set-up and prime the Rodent Langendorff Apparatus

Watch Mark de Reus, Head of Support walk-through video of setting-up and priming our new Rodent Langendorff Apparatus.

New for physiology educators: Take a look inside our new Auditory System Mini Lab...

Looking to fill gaps in your physiology curriculum in a no-stress way, fast? Use a Mini Lab! In our new mini lab on the auditory system, students use a tuning fork to assess how we perceive sound via air and bone, and then determine their hearing threshold for various sound frequencies.

Dr Melanie White's Favourite Features of the Rodent Langendorff

In this excerpt from her latest Langendorff webinar, Dr Melanie White, an isolated heart expert from the University of Sydney, explores her favorite features of the Rodent Langendorff and Direct Perfusion Core.

Which isolated heart study is right for you?

Ever wondered what the difference is between a Myocyte Isolation, Langendorff, and a Working Heart perfusion model? You’re not the only one! Download our free guide.

How to use inclusive language when teaching physiology

Join one of our instructional designers, Vicky, as she shares resources for teaching in a more inclusive way and driving positive social change.

Download our free guide: Kaha Telemetry for Cardiovascular Research

Discover the benefits of wireless telemetry. Not sure where to start? Need help selecting the right telemeter? Download our free guide: Kaha Telemetry for Cardiovascular Research.