Download our free guide: Kaha Telemetry for Cardiovascular Research

Discover the benefits of wireless telemetry. Not sure where to start? Need help selecting the right telemeter? Download our free guide: Kaha Telemetry for Cardiovascular Research.

Expand your Lab with PowerLab C

Have you been thinking about performing a new study or recording additional signals? Find out how to expand your lab at low cost with PowerLab C.

Effects of constant flow vs. constant pressure perfusion on isolated heart studies

Check out our brief summary highlighting the advantages and limitations of constant flow vs. constant pressure perfusion setups for Langendorff isolated heart studies.

Reprogramming heart cells to treat heart disease

This study used retroviral delivery of transcription factors to convert cardiac fibroblasts into cardiac myocytes, in a mouse model of myocardial infarction.

Dr Melanie White - Modernising the Langendorff

Over the past 200 years the Langendorff has continued to evolve. In this excerpt from her latest Langendorff webinar , Dr Melanie White, an isolated heart expert from the University of Sydney, explores how the system has significantly changed in the time she's been running her lab. Related: Future...

How to teach homeostasis: 7 ways

Homeostasis is a crucial concept in the study of physiology. Here are 7 ways to teach homeostasis in your physiology courses.

Radnoti is now an ADInstruments brand

Clarity and flexibility for your isolated heart and tissue research.

Dr Melanie White - The History and Principles of Langendorff

Explore the history of the Langendorff apparatus with this excerpt from Dr Melanie White's recent webinar.

Deep Dive: The science behind the Neuroprosthetic Baroreflex

We spoke with Dr. Aaron Phillips about his Nature publications concerning artificially correcting hemodynamic instability following spinal cord injury, and how Kaha Telemetry helped him characterize cardiovascular regulation across multiple animal models.

Hemodynamic Instability: Solving the invisible problem

Hemodynamic instability is the inability of the body to maintain consistent blood flow and pressure. Dr Aaron Phillips and his team have developed a prosthetic to reverse this invisible illness.

Top 10 Cardiovascular Publications

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate 10 of our favorite cardiovascular publications from the past couple of years; exploring everything from robotics to stem cells to AI to genomics. Every step made here is a step toward not only better heart health, but a greater understanding of the heart itself.

Teach them a lesson they'll never forget! The Cold Pressor Test...

Use this free experimental protocol to have your students activate their sympathetic nervous system via the cold pressor test! Investigate the effect of cold water on blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse amplitude.

Lighting the 'science spark' by using Lt for assessment: "students love it!"

“I decided I was going to change this essay because it was just boring. It was what everybody had done forever and ever and ever.”