Teaching respiratory physiology: How to clean the Lt Sensors Spirometer

Respiratory physiology is an important topic in the undergraduate curriculum. Learn how to clean a spirometer to ensure hygiene in your teaching laboratory.

Caving with the PowerLab C

Our PowerLab C Winner Associate Professor Josh Sebree, from the University of Northern Iowa, looks for life in the harshest environments. His search for organisms that can survive in habitats analogous with alien worlds has taken him and his students out of the cleanliness and stability of the lab...

Back to School: 15 Open Anatomy & Physiology Jobs

A roundup of open anatomy and physiology teaching positions - both in the US and internationally. Check them out - one might be your next move!

Pacemaker Cells, Electronic Implants, and Climate Change - Five High Impact Publications From June 2024

Join us in celebrating some of the incredible work published by our research community in June 2024.

Teaching respiratory physiology: How does a spirometer work?

Respiratory physiology is an important topic in the undergraduate curriculum. Learn how a spirometer works and how to use one in your teaching lab.

Teach them a lesson they'll never forget! The Myotatic Reflex...

Teach your students a lesson they'll never forget with the myotatic reflex! Use this free protocol to have your students compare the joint angle and latency of the myotatic reflex under normal conditions and while performing the Jendrassik maneuver.

The Use of Biosignal Data in Upper-Level Undergraduate Physiology Labs

Each year, the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) brings together hundreds of educators to celebrate and promote excellence in teaching anatomy and physiology. In this blog, we highlight the presentation material covered by Dr. Shari Litch Gray, Professor of Biology at Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts, during her HAPS 2024 workshop.

Introducing our new Lab Builder!

Try out our new Lab Builder! A no-obligation tool designed to help you identify the equipment you need.

What’s it like to use Lt as a student? “It gave us a more in-depth understanding”

A successful Medical Science graduate of Flinders University, Hannah Gapps now works as a Technical Officer in pathology. She used Lt in her practical physiology labs while studying, and chatted to us about how the interactive platform helped her learn.

Streamline your labs with our updated teaching pharmacology kit

Our updated Teaching Pharmacology Kit has been designed to ensure that you have everything you need for your teaching labs, and nothing you don’t.

Vik Rao: Engineering Team Lead

Meet Vikarna Rao. As the Engineering Team Lead, Vik manages a team of engineers from our Sydney office, guiding them through the design and production of new ADInstruments equipment.

Dr Lei Fan: Computational Modeling and the Working Heart

Dr Lei Fan looks at the heart as a whole, quantifying and modeling the mechanical forces acting upon it in each heartbeat. Focusing on cardiovascular disease, Lei and her team in The FAN Lab collect data from in-vivo and ex-vivo experiments and then model the heart based on that data to see how disease develops, and how to best optimize treatments.

14 Teaching Grants You Can Use for Technology in Your Life Sciences Class

Are you a life sciences educator looking for grants for technology equipment in your higher ed classroom? We’ve rounded up 14 eligible grants for you…