Human NIBP Nano Height Correction Unit (HCU)

Product Code FMS903903
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The Height Correction Unit allows the Human NIBP Nano to compensate for movement of the hand relative to the heart. It consists of a liquid filled tube connected at one end to a pressure transducer. This model is for use only with the Human NIBP Nano (INL283). During a measurement the HCU transducer is placed on the finger and the compliant ending at reference (i.e heart) level. 

Note for replacement purchases: There are different models of HCU units available, please ensure to provide your human NIBP system model and/or serial number when purchasing so that we can ensure to provide you with the correct model for your requirements. We have also provided a compatibility table on the Details and Tech Specs tab of this page for your reference.


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Details and Tech Specs


HCU Compatability with NIBP Systems

Model Finometer Pro Finometer Midi Portapres ML282 Nano 1st Gen. Nova 2nd Gen. Nova
HCU MLE1060 MLE1060 MLT0902 MLT0902 FMS903903 MLT0902 FMS903903


Product Code

Human NIBP Nano Height Correction Unit (HCU)
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