Human NIBP Nano System Setup and Demonstration

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This is a useful webinar for researchers who are interested in using the Human NIBP Nano System combined with LabChart to record non-invasive blood pressure for their research.

In this webinar, Scientific Support Specialist, Nick Mackovski will guide you through a number of key features of the Human NIBP Nano System and how to record and analyze data within LabChart 8

Webinar Overview:

  • Theory of operation
  • Features of the Non-Invasive Blood pressure unit
  • Proper techniques in handling the cuffs and avoiding pitfalls
  • Collection and Interpreting the signals in LabChart
  • Using Non-Invasive Cardiac Output (NICO) feature in LabChart
  • Syncing ECG with NIBP 
  • Live demo

LabChart HNIBP Analysis

LabChart - All Your Human NIBP Analysis in One Place

LabChart 8's Non-Invasive Cardiac Output (NICO) software extension combined with the HRV and Blood Pressure Modules are the perfect analysis tools to use alongside the Human NIBP Nano System.
See here for more information about LabChart's Modules and Extensions »