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A new LabChart community is emerging

Flexible and simple to use, LabChart software is suitable for a broad range of physiological signals, with the option of recording data from multiple devices into a single file for easy comparison and analysis. With LabChart Compatibility, the family of devices that can record into LabChart is growing, along with the diversity of signals that you can visualize with our software - helping you with your novel research. 

LabChart Compatible for OEMs

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With LabChart you can easily sample data from multiple devices simultaneously.

Take advantage of LabChart's ability to accurately synchronize between multiple devices.

Extend analysis options into specific applications with LabChart modules, e.g. Spike Histogram.

Record data directly

Our LabChart Compatibility program works with trusted and highly-regarded life science companies to make their hardware communicate seamlessly with our software with the help of a LabChart Device Enabler. 

How does it work?

Device Enablers allow multiple compatible devices to stream data directly into LabChart, freeing up analog inputs on your PowerLab.



  • Automatic recognition of supported devices by LabChart
  • Correct units and ranges in LabChart channels
  • Simultaneous recording of data into LabChart alongside a PowerLab

Once you have installed the Device Enabler, the LabChart Compatible device is automatically detected. Assign inputs to channels of your LabChart document and start recording!

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The latest from Oxford Optronix

Oxford Optronix is a UK-based company renowned for creating sophisticated equipment for clinical medicine and life sciences, including opto-electronic bio-sensing devices for physiological and tissue vitality monitoring. 

The applications for Oxford Optronix equipment include tumor monitoring and angiogenesis, intra-cranial monitoring in brain injury and stroke, and oxygen transport and blood substitutes.

New LabChart Compatible Devices

OxyLite and OxyFlo are a range of tissue vitality monitors with the ability to measure tissue oxygen, laser-Doppler blood flow and temperature simultaneously from the same tissue micro-region, recording data directly into LabChart.

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More devices we support


Multi Wire Myograph System - DMT620MS

We support a range of DMT Wire Myographs including Multi Wire, Single Wire, Confocal Wire, Dual Wire and Auto Dual Wire Myographs, also DMT Tissue Bath System.

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Kent Physiosuite

Kent devices we support include PhysioSuite (including MouseSTAT, MouseVent, RightTemp, CapnoScan), CODA Monitor and SomnoSuite.

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Nintendo Wii Balance Board

LabChart also has support for the popular Wii Balance Board with the ability to read signals from the device.

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