Trigno Sensor Adhesive (pack of 80)

Product Code DSY-SC-F03

The Trigno Sensor Adhesive (pack of 80) consists of specifically designed adhesive interfaces to attach Trigno Sensors to the human skin.


The Trigno Sensor Adhesive (pack of 80) consists of specifically designed, adhesive interfaces to attach  Trigno Sensors to human skin. Each Trigno Sensor Adhesive is for a single use only.  These hypo-allergenic interfaces are supplied as a pack of 80 and are manufactured from medical grade adhesive approved for dermatological applications. Usage of the interface promotes a high quality electrical connection between the sensor bars and the skin, minimizing motion artifacts and noise due to line interference. 

Excessive hair should be removed and the skin area should be wiped with isopropyl alcohol (removes oils and surface residues) to ensure a strong bond with the skin. In addition, the skin needs to be allowed to be dry completely before applying the interfaces.

Please note:

  • Discontinue use immediately if skin irritation or discomfort occurs. 
  • Discard after using. 
  • Reseal storage bag to maintain freshness.
  • Do not apply over open wounds or irritated skin.

Two Trigno Sensor Adhesive (packs of 80) are included in the Trigno Wireless Foundation System .


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Trigno Sensor Adhesive (pack of 80)
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