In-vitro Liver/Kidney Perfusion Chamber

Product Code 670101-INVITRO

A glass chamber to be used in a Radnoti Isolated Rodent Liver/Kidney Apparatus for housing, cannulating and perfusing an isolated rodent liver/kidney.


The In-vitro Liver/Kidney Perfusion Chamber is designed to be used in a Radnoti Isolated Rodent Liver/Kidney Apparatus for housing, cannulating, and perfusing an isolated rodent liver/kidney. The chamber is made from high-quality crystal clear borosilicate glassware that is fully autoclavable and is supplied standard with each Radnoti Isolated Rodent Liver/Kidney Apparatus or Isolated Perfused Rodent Liver Foundation System purchase.


Research Applications

Isolated Organ
In Vitro Pharmacology + Isolated Tissue and Organs

Key Features

The In-vitro Liver/Kidney Perfusion Chamber includes:

  • A flat bottomed, water-jacketed curved glass bed upon which the sample is placed
  • Two pairs of different sized flexible inlet and outlet lines with paired stainless-steel cannulas that are easily interchangeable
  • Auxiliary access ports that permit the introduction of catheters for sample removal (i.e. bile) or measurement sensors (i.e. temperature)
  • A chamber lid that has a central threaded mount for the attachment of a fiber optic cable (NOT sold by ADInstruments) that can be used for optical measurements of endogenous nucleotides or various fluorescent indicators


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Product Code

In-vitro Liver/Kidney Perfusion Chamber
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