Radnoti Isolated Rodent Liver/Kidney Apparatus

Radnoti Isolated Rodent Liver/Kidney Apparatus

Liver/Kidney perfusion apparatus

Product Code 130003-V

A glass apparatus designed to maintain the function of an isolated rodent (mouse or rat) liver or kidney preparation, and measure up to two perfusion pressures in the perfusion circuit.

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This Radnoti Isolated Rodent Liver/Kidney Apparatus is designed to physiologically perfuse an isolated rodent (rat or mouse) liver or kidney preparation in either recirculating or non-recirculating experimental protocols. Although primarily designed to study hepatic function in rodents, some researchers have adapted the apparatus themselves to be used with other species such as rainbow trout. 

The modular design of this apparatus and quick-disconnect tubings (allow for quick and easy tubing assembly/disassembly) provide easy customization, modifications, and additions tailored to current or future needs. 

The apparatus can easily be instrumented with compatible measurement tools (purchased separately) including:

The apparatus is also supplied as part of the isolated Perfused Rodent Liver Foundation System. Additional configurations excluding the pressure transducers, thermal circulator bath, and peristaltic pump are also available. Please consult your ADInstruments representative for more information.

Key Features

  • Easy set up for constant perfusion pressure or constant perfusion flow
  • High-quality crystal clear borosilicate glassware that is fully autoclavable, including:
  • Two pressure measurements via two Radnoti Micro Pressure Transducers & Amplifiers 
  • A sturdy lab stand assembly and all associated clamp hardware
  • A complete water-jacketed perfusion circuit to a liver sample ensuring uniform and steady temperature maintenance
  • All necessary tubing pre-assembled 
  • A Radnoti Tubing Adapter Kit for connector replacements or minor tubing customizations 
  • A bench-top, general-purpose, Radnoti Thermal Bath/Circulator that allows temperature control in the range from ambient temperature to 120°C with a stability level of ± 0.05°
  • Peristaltic Pump Drive with a compatible Easy Load Pump Head


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Details and Tech Specs


Ordering Information: 
When ordering the Radnoti Isolated Rodent Liver/Kidney Apparatus, please specify the following: Mains Power (V) = 115 for 110-115V or 220 for 220-240V.

Product Code

Radnoti Isolated Rodent Liver/Kidney Apparatus

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