Converting videos for use in Lt

The quickest and easiest way to convert your existing videos so that they work in Lt (especially if they are in a format other than H.264) is to use the popular and free HandBrake application. To do this:

1. First, download and install HandBrake.

2. Next, create an Lt video preset. To do this:

  • Drag the video you want to convert into the HandBrake window.
  • Always ensure the checkbox for Web Optimized is selected.
  • In the Audio tab, select Stereo from the Mixdown dropdown menu.

HandBrake for Windows

HandBrake for Mac

  • In the Video tab, select the H.264 Level to be 3.1. All other default settings are fine.

  • In the Dimensions tab, set the dimensions of your output video. Lt supports maximum video dimensions of 1280 pixels (horizontal) by 720 pixels (vertical); if your video source is greater than this, set width to 1280 or lower in the Size field. Select Anamorphic: Loose and Modulus: to preserve the original video's correct aspect ratio. However, if your source video has dimensions less than 1280, select Anamorphic: Strict to keep the video's original size.

3.  To save the preset in HandBrake, select Save New Preset. Enter a Preset name, and select Add.

4.  At this point, it works best to quit and restart HandBrake. Drag a video that you wish to convert onto the HandBrake window.

  • To encode a video using your new preset, ensure the your new preset is selected.
  • Ensure the checkbox for Web Optimized is selected. This will configure your H.264 videos for "streaming".
  • Then you can Add to Queue, or select Start Encode.

HandBrake will proceed to convert your video into a stream-compliant H.264 video. Once this process is completed, you can import the new video into Lt. Learn how to add videos to your Lt lesson.